Surplus 3/8

Surplus 3/8" AR550 9.6"x20" Static

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Weight: 16.0 lb


This steel was part of a surplus truck buy, and may contain minor cosmetic defects or light surface rust. We have found through intensive testing that this material is of great quality, and blemishes are cosmetic ONLY and will not inhibit performance. 

The static targets are cut to fit a 1/2” carriage bolt to be mounted to a steel post, 2x4 or other structure. The static targets are designed for centerfire handgun use, though small caliber rifles(up to 223 and 308) may be used as well. These are great targets for clubs, instructors and individuals.

We have found through testing that AR550 steel is able to resist pitting due to its higher hardness level.

This steel was part of a surplus truck buy and may have minor cosmetic defects. Light dimpling from rust and surface rust may be present as well as a small amount of oil on the targets but has in no way affected the durability of the steel.

Targets do not ship with mounting hardware.

Targets are shipped unpainted.