SRRT Stand

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Weight: 11.6 lb



Stand Only
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This stand was designed with maximum stability and portability in mind. With a footprint of 30.25"x24.5" this stand will be stable even when using our heaviest static targets. The aggressive design allows the stand to dig in under weight to keep your target from shifting during your range session, and also has holes in each leg to accommodate spikes for added security.

The standard version stands assemble with two bolts and nuts which are included, and require no thumb screws so set up is quick and easy. There are two holes cut in the upright that will accommodate 1/4"x1" Lag Screws if you would like to secure the 2x4 to the stand. The deluxe version has two extra bolts added to the upright to secure the stand to the 2x4. The 4x4 Deluxe version includes a large upright to accommodate a 4x4 for targets that are too heavy for a standard 2x4.

 Don't forget your Improved Static Target Hanger for a complete static target mounting kit, or our 4x4 Static Target Hanger for use with heavier targets!

When removing spikes, do NOT use the stand to pull or "rock" the spikes out of the ground. For best results, use a claw hammer or similar tool. 

Minor assembly is required with this product. All of our stands and hangers are designed to accept 1/2" hardware (included) which will require you to use power or hand tools to tighten. Wrench/socket size for 1/2" hardware is 3/4", adjustable wrenches may be used as well. All stands will require two tools (one to hold the nut, one to tighten the bolt), while hangers will only require a single tool as the shoulder of the carriage bolt will lock into place via the cutout on the target.