Evil Roy® Gong Adapter

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This gong adapter was designed to turn our Evil Roy® target system into a portable and versatile gong stand. Stand and upright are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

Looking to add yet another practical use to the list of things that your Evil Roy® Target System is capable of? Introducing our new Evil Roy® Gong Adapter! Capable of hanging two gongs off of the already proven stable and robust Evil Roy® stand design, this is a perfect way to change things up on the fly while you are out on the range. Simply remove the target that was included with your target system, and slide this adapter on in its place for a whole new dimension of shooting fun. Whether you want to hang some smaller targets for more precision target practice, or larger gongs for long range use, this adapter will fit your needs. Capable of hanging up to 75 lbs with ease, gong sizes ranging from 4" to 12" will be no problem for this system.

This product is CNC laser cut from US made 3/8" AR550 steel for excellent durability even when hit directly.

Gong adapter ships unpainted, and will ship FedEx Ground.