5/8" Gr100 Chain - Length 16"

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Weight: 8.0 lb

This chain has been selected and tested to withstand the impact of a 50BMG bullet. The chain is 5/8” grade 100, rated for and commonly used for lifting. The primary difference between this chain and lower grades is the alloy and hardness. Grade 100 chain is an alloy steel vs carbon steel used on lower grades, it is also heat treated to a higher harness than lower grades.


It may be expensive but better than walking 1000 yards to repair or replace cheap chain. The targets and hardware sold at ShootSteel.com are tested and designed for long lasting durability. This in most cases adds cost to the product, but the product will outlast our competition. Get a good product from the start and save the headache of cheaper products.


As pictured you get two lengths of chain, to hang one target.


This chain is made in southern Minnesota, USA.