3/8" AR550 XL Economy Popper

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Weight: 0.0 lb

This target uses a 3/8" AR550 version of our Magnum Spring-Popper target with a stab in base cut from 1/4" AR500 for maximum portability and cost effectiveness. Rated for pistol use at 10 yards and rifles up to .308 Win at 100 yards.

This popper uses 5/8" Grade 8 hardware and heavy duty die springs which allow it to ring and move when hit by pistol rounds, but take the increased energy of rifle rounds without any issues. Simply stab the base into the dirt (using a hammer/mallet is fine, but wear eye protection if you do so) and you're ready to shoot! 

Target is 16" tall (not including the base) and 8" wide.

Targets ship unpainted.