1/2" AR550 Static Popper - 12" Colt Speed Plate

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Weight: 12.0 lb

For a limited time only, we are offering a static version of our most popular reactive target, the 12" Colt Speed Plate. Simply assemble using the supplied hardware and springs, stab the base into the dirt, and you are ready to shoot! This target will wobble when hit, but will not fall down and reset like our traditional Colt Speed Plate.

The base of this target is cut from 1/4" AR500, while the target has been cut from 1/2" AR550 meaning this is an extremely lightweight, portable, and robust target perfect for all pistol calibers. For use with 5.56/.223, please select the "Add Rifle Rated Springs" option to the right. This option will ship with heavy duty die springs that are much better suited for use with rifle rounds.

Target dimension (NOT including the base) are: 12" Tall, 6" Wide.

Targets ship unpainted.