About Steel Targets


Place the target away from buildings and other objects you wish to keep free from debris. The target will deflect lead and copper at roughly a 20 degree angle. Keep this in mind when choosing a location to place a target. The target must have a proper backstop behind it to stop misplaced shots. Always consider what is beyond the target and place it in a safe direction.

AR500 Steel Targets

For pistol use place the target no closer than 10 yards, magnum calibers should be used at 25+ yards. For rifle use place the target no closer than 100 yards. When using rifles place the target further away as the muzzle velocity increases. The velocity of the bullet will deteriorate the target more than the weight. High velocity rounds (3000+FPS MV) or magnum calibers should only be used at longer ranges of 200 yards or more. Always check for damage when setting up for rifle, move the target back if damage occurs.

Steel Targets General

To provide you with a better price our targets are shipped unfinished and unpainted.  Typically one side of the target will be cleaned to facilitate a cleaner laser cut.  The targets may have mill scale and light surface rust(due to transportation and storage).  The mill scale is due to the heat treatment process that AR500 steel goes through to bring the hardness to 500Bhn.

We feel the added cost to finish or paint the target is not worth the additional cost.  This allows ShootSteel.com to provide you with the finest laser cut targets at an outstanding value. 

The steel we use is 100% USA made steel.  We work with a select few mills that provide what we feel to be the best AR500 available.  Not all AR500 is the same, even if it has the same hardness.  Each mill has slightly different alloys and heat treatments.  

You may hear other target companies claim to use armor plate or ballistic tested steel.  We order from mills that provide this service but opt not to have them tested.  The main reason is the test has nothing to do with long term durability. The ballistic testing is simply to see if the steel is safe to use in armor applications.  It would only be tested for a few hits on each test plate.  Our targets are designed to last thousands of hits not just a few dozen.  Keep this in mind when other companies claim to use armor plate. It is likely the same steel they just paid more for a test that has nothing to do with how a target performs long term. They simply have no clue what AR500 is, how it is made, what it is made for and what the differences are between the types. 

We sell targets and target stands.  We aren’t a fab shop that thought it would be neat to sell a few steel targets.  We design all of the products with long term durability and affordability in mind.  We also test the products before selling them.  In testing our competition it is obvious that they either do not test the products or do not test them in the same way we do.  We have had the competitions targets fall apart in a matter of one day of testing.  Or they simply do not perform as stated. 

Caution: Bullet fragments may come towards the shooter and spectators.  All persons in the area must have ear and eye protection.  Bullet fragments may cause harm to shooters, spectators and objects near the target. 

Use steel targets at your own risk.  Shooting at steel targets can be dangerous and caution must be taken to ensure safety.