About Us

We keep odd hours so please call before stopping out for a visit.

Shoot Steel, INC DBA ShootSteel.com

8401 73rd Ave N STE #76

Minneapolis, MN 55428

Shoot Steel, INC has taken over all operations of Multiplex Systems LLC the company that started ShootSteel.com originally.  It is the same owner, same building, same great employees just a new company.

The founder Evan Moyer began training for IDPA competition in 2008 and needed target stands.  The first batch of stands were made of wood.  Things quickly evolved into the first prototype steel stand.  Initial stands were constructed of 16ga steel tube.  As the design evolved 14ga tube and angle iron were used, this became the 2009 standard design.  Range feedback and personal experience pushed for a design that was easier to stake in.  The new Deluxe target stand features 100% 14ga tube construction and is drilled to accept stakes.  With capped ends this design is a huge step above the 2009 design. This original stand has undergone further improvements to reduce weight and provide a tighter fit to the wood. A universal 18” and 24” design was also added.

During the winter of 2010 AR500 targets were added to the line of products offered.  The targets are CNC laser cut to reduce the heat affected zone.  This provides the shooter with one of the finest AR500 targets on the market.  Compare our targets to others and you will find ShootSteel.com offers a great value in steel targets.  To save you money targets are purchased in bulk saving on setup and transportation costs.  We also have a large variety of shapes and sizes to meet most shooters' needs. From 2.5” round up to the massive 42”x48” targets we have a target for you.

Over time we have also added reactive targets, target stands, hangers and hardware. We have become a one stop shop for targets. You can order just a target or a complete package.

Our targets are in use by various military branches, law enforcement agencies, ranges, clubs, cable programs, Youtube Channels, professional shooters, and average everyday shooters. A quick internet search will reveal the variety of shooters using our products.