Improved 4x4 Static Target Hanger

Improved 4x4 Static Target Hanger

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The static target hanger is constructed of heavy wall steel tube and drilled to accept a 1/2” carriage bolt. The kit comes complete with the grade 5 carriage bolt, stainless steel spring, locknut and hanger.


The improved version has the corners removed. This reduces the chance of hitting the hanger with the round targets. The 4x4 version is designed to work in conjunction with our 4x4 Deluxe SRRT Stand for an extremely robust target setup capable of holding up our heaviest static targets with ease.


Rated to 1000FtLbs of energy with the standard spring.


Target and 4x4 not included.


The static hanger works best with the 8”+ sized statics, and will hang even the largest static targets. The 5” statics will fit but leave more of the hanger exposed to direct hits from the shooter.