Standard Clay Target Flipper

Standard Clay Target Flipper

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Our Clay Target Flipper was designed to work with our pepper popper as well as other companies pepper poppers. The design is independent of the pepper popper base. The clay target flipper is designed to work with standard size clay targets(NOT mini, midi, or others). The flipper is activated by a falling pepper popper, not included. The flipper was designed to be used with our 3/8" 28" Pepper Popper.

Add HD spikes option- Add on includes 2 HD spikes, we highly recommend driving HD spikes through the stake holes on the clay flipper base to keep the base in place when the flipper is actuated. HD spikes can be viewed here-3/8" x 10" Heavy Duty Spikes

Staking bases from opposing corners is sufficient to keep them in place.


Clay target not included!

The flipper was designed to work with the pepper poppers. Use of other brands of pepper poppers may require some playing around to get the height right. Our design is however very flexible and such changes are simple.

Spare foam pads are available in the parts/misc section.

Shipping is priced to the lower 48 via UPS ground. If you are outside the lower 48 or need to ship via USPS please call or email for a shipping quote.

This product goes great with the clay target holder. Available at: Clay Target Holders




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