Speed Rack Kit

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The Speed Rack Kit is a simple, cost effective "DIY" version of our increasingly popular Speed Rack, the toughest and most portable plate rack alternative on the market. This version comes with everything you need aside from the conduit legs and wood cross member which can both be found at your local hardware store. Instructions will be provided for proper cutting and deburring of the conduit, as well as assembly of the entire kit.

Made up of 5 of our static targets, this design uses our already proven EMT Conduit legs to support a solid 2x4 stud cross member. This results in an affordable target system that is easy to set up and even easier to use. Just slide the targets over the cross beam using the supplied brackets, screw into place, and enjoy a completely portable plate rack experience that allows the shooter a huge amount of customization options.


Targets ship unpainted.

All mounting hardware is included, all you will need to provide are the 2x4 studs.

All brackets are powder coated black for excellent weather resistance.