50 BMG Rubber Hanger

50 BMG Rubber Hanger "Chain" - Length 16"

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Weight: 1.0 lb

We have been looking for an alternative to chain for quite some time. After research and extensive testing we have decided on a material that works great. It is flexible so the target moves freely yet durable to support even large targets. The material is a reinforced rubber belting that is used in industrial applications. It is then water jet cut to size.

2 quicklinks are required for each peice of chain to hang target (4 total). Order your quicklinks HERE!

The pictures with used chain were shot with 223 55gr FMJ, 223 55gr SP and 1oz 12ga slugs. As you can see each side took many 223 hits and 3 12ga hits per side. Even with all of these holes the target withstood direct 12ga hits at 50 yards. Larger calibers will simply pass through like the 223 and 12ga slugs.

The length listed is from center to center on the holes (not the overall length).

The holes are placed in such a way that you may use out quick links for mounting.

We recommend two quick links per side, so 4 links total per target.

Note: Unit pictured is 8”, actual length will depend on product ordered. Stock lengths are 8”, 12” and 16”. They are all the same other than the length.

Rubber chain is sold as a set of 2, as pictured.