3/4" Wrench for static target hanger

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Weight: 1.0 lb

This simple wrench was designed specifically to tighten the nuts on the back of the static target hanger. Standard 3/4" combination wrenches are heavy and bulky. They typically have the closed end set at an angle which is not ideal.


The wrench was designed to be just big enough to get the job done. It also has a hole on the end to hand it from during storage or to attach a lanyard if desired.


Made out of 1/4” AR500


Note: This product is sold in the as-cut condition. Some finishing may be required. We generally just knock the edges down with a grinder and apply a coat of paint.


This wrench is only designed for the amount of torque that you would typically apply to a static hanger. It may also be used to snug up various 1/2” bolts used on other products such as the spring-poppers and spring base poppers. Using this wrench for other applications may cause it to break.