1" Low Angle Wrench for Reloading (blem)

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Weight: 1.0 lb

This item was the first reloading wrench we produced with a lower angle which is why it's being sold as a blem.

This wrench was specifically designed to fit the Dillon brand 1” Die Lock Rings. This wrench is precision laser cut, not stamped like similar products. This allows the wrench to maintain better contact with the lock nut and not slip off. The wrench was also specifically cut to get in and around does. Progressive reloaders will really appreciate this feature.

Made out of 1/4” AR500

The open end is designed to fit 1” lock nuts the closed end is designed for 7/16” lock nuts commonly found on seating and sizing dies.

This wrench was designed for use with reloading equipment. Using for other applications may damage or break the wrench.

This wrench ships as bare metal, free shipping on this item.