Fence Post Hanger - Set of Two

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Our new Fence Post Hanger is an incredibly portable and easy to use solution to mounting your steel targets. Simply slide over a 1.25" or 1.33" T Post to your desired height and the hanger will lock into place. Attach your chain using one of our Quick Links and you are ready to shoot! This not only makes for a very portable stand that is quick and easy to set up, but makes it incredibly easy to maintain and replace pieces as needed. The hanger is cut from 3/8" AR500 for excellent durability.

 Add Mounting hardware option includes (2) 3/8" Quick Links, (1) 1/2" Bolt Kit, and (1) set of 12" Rubber Chain.

This stand option works best with a 3/8" AR500 8" Gong or larger.

Not intended for use at distances closer than 50 yards.

These brackets are sold as a pair. T Post not included.


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