2" EMT Gong Stand Kit

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SKU: ST020

Weight: 10.0 lb

This 2" EMT conduit gong stand kit gives you everything you need but the 2" conduit. This saves you a ton of money on shipping and manufacturing costs. All you need is some 2" EMT conduit and you have a stand!! This also allows you to adjust the height and width of the stand to your specific needs. This may come in handy if you shoot in hilly terrain.

NOTE: The kit DOES NOT include the 2" conduit. It is shown in the pictures for demonstration only. You will need to buy the conduit at your local hardware store. The stand was only designed to work with 2" EMT conduit. It WILL NOT work with other conduit or plumbing pipe.

NOTE: This kit requires the following operations to be performed: cut tube to length, measure 1.5” from end, drill a 5/16” hole and deburr ends. If you are unsure of how to perform any of these operations you may want to consider one of our standard gong stands(36x36 or 60x60). Detailed instructions are included with the kit.

When completed, this stand is capable of supporting even our heaviest targets with ease.



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