Modular Static Hostage

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SKU: MTB004T50

Weight: 45.0 lb


Designed specifically for our friends over at Midwest Industries, we are proud to release our new Modular Static Hostage. This target is portable, requires no tools to set up, and is a ton of fun! Perfect for practicing precise shots with your rifle or pistol, this hostage target is rated for pistol calibers at 10 yards, and rifles up to .308 at 100 yards.

The 3/8" AR500 is CNC laser cut to minimize the heat affected zone, which results in an extremely durable target with perfectly smooth edges. The legs for this target are also cut from 1/4" hardened steel much like the target, which means no matter where you hit there is nothing to break.

If you're looking for a portable, tough, and fun way to test yourself at the range, look no further.

Targets ship unpainted, shipping is priced to the lower 48 via UPS Ground. Hawaii and Alaska please contact for shipping quotes. 


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