3/8" AR500 Steel Target 10x10 Square

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SKU: GB011T50

Weight: 10.8 lb


These 3/8” thick AR500 steel targets are made to last. They have been CNC laser cut to yield a minimal heat affected zone. Do not confuse these with cheaper plasma cut targets. Targets include 0.55” mounting holes. This target works best with our 1/2" bolt kit.

Targets may be used for handguns and rifles up to 308Win, (up to 223, 2800 fps maximum) may be used at 100 yards minimum. Handguns should be used no closer than 10 yards.

Targets do not ship with mounting hardware.

Targets are shipped unpainted.

Add mounting option- you can selct to add hardware to mount your target on the options list located on the right hand side menu. Adding equipment offers a bolt kit to mount the rubber chain, rubber chain, and quicklinks to mount the rubber chain to one of our gong stands or similar a gong stand.

This item works great with the 36”x36” gong stand. Order your stand HERE!


The 3/8” AR500 steel targets work great for the following calibers 223, 5.56, 5.45x39, 7.62x39 and 308. They will also handle similar short action cartridges. For velocities over 3000fps MV use at 200 yards minimum.


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