1/2"AR500 Steel Target 22x30 Large Gong

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SKU: GC016T50

Weight: 93.0 lb

These 1/2” thick AR500 steel targets are made to last. They have been CNC laser cut to yield a minimal heat affected zone. Do not confuse these with cheaper plasma cut targets. Targets include 0.6” mounting holes on all 4 corners. This allows the target to be hung vertically or horizontally.

These large gongs were designed for ULR shooters. If you have the space to shoot at 1 mile or further these targets are what you need. They can also be use to sight in at 1000+ yards. Then move on to more challenging targets.


These targets are designed for use at 1000+ yards. They are rated up to 338 Lapua. If you have questions about a specific caliber please feel free to call in.


UPS Shipping is included in the cost of this target. No shipping outside of the lower 48.


Targets do not ship with mounting hardware.


Targets are shipped unpainted.


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